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No Face
 No Face – By Brandon Krogel

No Face by emerging writer Brandon Krogel is a ten-year memoir, spanning the stunning second decade of his life. He describes the events of that decade, many of which intensely tragic, with self-deprecating humor and a great deal of insight, making No Face a soulful read. It is a story of loss, trauma, defeat, and, in the end, of resiliency and triumph of the human spirit. Margaret Atwood wrote that writing has to do with a desire, or even a compulsion to enter something dark, and to bring that darkness out to the light. Krogel has done just that. He has entered the darkness of depression, loss, and addiction, and he has illuminated it for us, his readers, bringing out into the light experiences that are extraordinary.

Gerda Wever, PhD, editor

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    Rick Brimacombe

    April 22, 2017

    Brandon I knew your dad back in Rutland during high school before the drugs I have lots to say about him I went to your parents wedding as well. I work in the Alberta oil business so I never saw Les very much but kind of knew what was going on with all that bunch many of the old gang have also died . I will try to get in touch with you when I get to Kelowna this summer. I try to out there at least once a year to see 3 or 4 of our old friends. I listened to your music that’s a great song but painful for you. I am going to get your book and give it a read as well I have told one other friend of mine that knew Les longer than I did he has just moved back to Kelowna to retire. anyway good luck keep going and I hope to meet you in person sometime this summer.