Love Machine


(verse 1)

Well all you do is waste your day on your love machine
I’ve watched you slowly fade away, into nothing
And now you try and play me, like I’m in your world
But baby you’re alone and it seems that your
Machine is malfunctioning


Oh it screams at me to…


Turn down your love machine

(verse 2)

Would it bother you to know, what you feel isn’t really real
I’ve seen it all before, the door to your heart is sealed
And you say you want to break away but baby that’s a lie
Because it’s evidently clear that your fear is why¬†you never try


So goodbye, goodbye


Turn down your love machine


And I feel our time is just slipping away
Sinking into yesterday
I can’t stop feeling strange for you
After all that we’ve been through

It’s time to make a choice
Does your machine have a voice
That comforts you tonight
Or will you follow me into the light


Turn down your love machine

Your love machine
So turn it down
Turn it down x 3


Love Machine” came about in an interesting manner. The tune actually came from a bizarre dream where I was having lunch at Earl’s with my brother, my friend Tom and for some reason, Ashley Simpson of all people. Not only was I enjoying lunch with her but she was also the waitress for our table. As we finished¬†our meals Tom blurted out “Alright turn down your love machine and let’s hit the road!” Upon this being said, Ashley and I randomly burst into song, somehow in perfect key and unison and began to sing the line “turn down your love machine” repeatedly. When our duet had ended and as I had begun to leave the restaurant, I shouted back to Ashley that we needed to record that song because it was going to be a hit. She replied only with a smile and then began to to wait tables.

I woke up shortly after this sequence and for the first time ever, the tune and melody from my dream had carried on into my waking state and so I immediately picked up my guitar, still half asleep and attempted to reconstruct the song from the dream. It was of course, not identical to the dream version but it was as close as I could get it. With the lyrics still going through my head, it was obvious this song was called “Love Machine.”

Since the song was in essence already partially written thanks to the strange circumstances of my dream (that was also when I stopped watching Much Music before bed), I had to merge a story and lyrics that would compliment the idea of “love machine.” I have my own story for what the song is about. It ended up being a little more abstract than I was expecting. Instead of explaining it, perhaps I will leave this song open to interpretation. Whatever you think it is about, you’re right.


This song was written, arranged and performed by Brandon Krogel.