Time for an update!

February 10, 2015

Although this update is long overdue, the truth is I haven’t had much news to report since the EP’s release back in November. The album seems to have received positive reviews from listeners, which is great! One thing I’m still working towards is making hard copy prints of the EP to sell locally. I’m also releasing two bonus tracks to be included in the hard copy EP that did not come with the digital version so hoping that will get some people excited.

I’ve been wanting to play some more shows locally here in town but have only made it out to the odd open mic night here and there. The truth is working full time really interferes with being able to devote the time I want towards music. Regardless though, moving forward even if it is little by little. I’ve picked up a new video camera designed to record quality live¬†musical performances and am hoping to be able to build a healthy collection of cover songs (among other things) for my YouTube page. I’ve uploaded one so far, which is a cover of the Impact of Reason by Underoath. The song is pretty screamo to begin with so I decided to slow it down and find melody vocal lines to replace the screams. All in all I don’t think it turned out half bad. You can check it out below if you want!

Anyways that’s the update for now. I’m going to try and be more consistent in keeping fresh news coming in on a more regular basis. In the meantime don’t forget you can purchase my album on iTunes here¬†and can listen for free on my Soundcloud, Myspace, Purevolume and more!