New website makeover!

January 9, 2014

Welcome to the new modernized version of I figured it was about time to get with the times so I gave the website a complete makeover. I think its a decent improvement from the old, boring, plain look I’ve been rocking for a little too long. Hey, change is good. Just in time to with the new EP only a few short weeks away from being mastered. After that, its just a mix-down and off to the CD Press it goes! I still can’t believe this is all happening. I’m out of words. I am so stoked to be able to finally share my music with you guys and am eager to get your feedback on the new style.

Anyways be sure to check back regularly for new goodies as I intend to be updating the site often in anticipation of the EP release. Hope you enjoy the new flavours of the website! Holla!