An Overdue Update

October 4, 2014

Holy moly I can’t believe my inactivity on my own website, it’s shameful! Anyways I figured an update was long overdue so here we go.

Honestly I was kind of waiting for more dramatic news before I posted a new update but I suppose there are few little things that I can fill you in on as we ever patiently wait for the day when I announce the EP’s confirmed release (or…at least as I wait ever patiently). For some reason I did not post the music video that was made for my song ‘Questions Without Answers’ back in June, on my website so here it is, just in case you missed it:

The music video was met with a good response and was encouraging to see that the emotional level I was going for was present when people told me they found it impactful. Which ultimately means I must be doing something right haha!

We’re looking at just two songs remaining before ¬†everything gets its final mix and then the finishing touches are added through the process of mastering all the tracks in the album. It might be gutsy but it’s possible this EP could be released by Christmas time. I’m done with setting dates for release though. Clearly the completion of this project is up to the gods of music and whether or not I find favour with them in the coming weeks. Of course, when it does happen (which it will eventually), you all will be the first to know (pending if I can remember to update my website). On a more serious note though, this project has had many delays and setbacks but I’m confident that it will make the finished product that much better. I’ve learned a lot of patience on this project and a lot of gratitude. It’s certainly been an experience. To tell you the truth, I’m not the same person I was when I first went in the studio for this album almost two years ago. Perhaps I wasn’t ready to fully embrace this album as the person I was. Perhaps now I am truly ready to take on this challenge of promoting my music to the world with hopes that they will find enjoyment in it. And maybe just maybe, some higher force knew that all along.