A fresh new blog!

September 24, 2013

XangaI blogged a lot when I was younger using Xanga but as the blogging online became much more evolved through mediums such as WordPress and others, Xanga became obsolete and I didn’t have the patience to become acquainted with new blogging software. Then a beautiful thing happened where Xanga archived all my posts from all the years prior and allowed me to import them into my new WordPress blog. So now even though this blog is brand spankin’ new, it has years of previous posting history! What a glorious and wonderful thing!

So just so you’re aware, everything prior to this post dates back to 2003 and basically documents my teenage angst throughout high school. It doesn’t hold a lot of foreseeable value at this point in time but if you’re really that bored that you want to learn about the boy before the man, feel free to browse. Warning: reading these posts may induce fits of hysterical laughter.

Moving forward, let the new age of blogging commence!