September 24, 2004

Hey guys sorry for taking like a week and half to update. I am computerless currently so I only get a chance to write in here every friday during computer class…that is if Mr. Tonn doesnt see me. Oh no here he comes now!

Mr. Tonn: “What are you doing?”

Brandon: “Oh you know, just working hard and stuff”

Mr. Tonn: “Working hard eh?”

Brandon: “Uh…yeah ofcourse.”

Mr. Tonn: “Whats that you got minized there Brandon.”

Brandon: “Huh? Oh uh nothing…nothing at all”

Mr. Tonn: “Well it looks like something to me”

Brandon: “No no its just uh my binary hexadecimal conversion application which I use to determine whether or not the cordinates of the intergalactic apex computing system are operated manualy or automatically.”

Mr. Tonn: ? “…….Well uh okey then, as long its for your work.”

Brandon: “Oh yeah dont worry about it.”

Mr. Tonn: “Okey then….”

Brandon: “Uh….okey….bye then?”

Mr. Tonn: “……..” (walks away)

Phew that was close guys sorry, he almost had me there. Haha allright anyways so not much new is going on. I’m spending the day with Hannah so thats going to be awsome.

I’m probably moving out of Jordan’s house because he is driving me to the point of insanity, no seriously. I threw a chair at him last night and broke the light in my room in the proccess. You see? Its unhealthy for me to be near that kid! Hes bringing out the hulk in me. Dont worry guys, I’m not a violent person. (Starts insanly laughing like a madman). No I’m just kidding, I’m a nice guy.

Allrighty so thats the news, join us tomorrow at 7 for the newsbreak with Cindy Sally. No…I’m just kidding, I dont think that theres news tomorrow with someone named Cindy Salley…but hey, you never know?

Have a good one,


PS. Try channel 28963….if you have it.


September 14, 2004

September 25, 2004

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    September 24, 2004

    hAhahahahahahahahah retard, man you are a retard dude go get a life haha, just buggin ya peace good luck on spending the day with hannah_banana204, haha, aw great now im the frigin nerd

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    September 24, 2004

    yeah.  im sure your story went just the way you explained it.  liar…

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    September 24, 2004

    it’s unhealthy for anyone to be around Jordan, hah, good job on avoiding Mr. Tonn *wink, wink*

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    September 25, 2004

    nice there. Haha you guys are nutso.

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    September 25, 2004


    hey..last night was really fun!..thanx :)..