October 1, 2004

Hey guys whats goin on? If you answered that I couldnt hear you but thanks for trying.

Not much going on today. I managed to get out of the house in a more normal way today. Its Zach’s birthday tonight so Happy Birthday Zach! ….For real this time.

Tomorrow I dont know whats going on…yet. I’ll see if I can make some plans over msn tonight and find something to spark up my weekend. Otherwise its just TV and homework for the next couple of days. Yes I live an exciting life I know. (Insert sarcastic remark here)

Well other then the fact that I was attacked by an angry mob of ants last night at around 3:00 am, the days been pretty dull. I think they might’ve been mad since I probably squished one of their friends running around town yesterday.

Anyways so you all have a good night and go to the bleedingalarm concert tonight! Actually I was going to go but unfortuantly I cant make it cause Its Zachs Birthday. Which is one of those good bad things. Good cause well its his birthday and were gonna have a good time. Bad cause I’ve been wanting to go hang out with Hannah at this concert all week. Oh well thats life I guess.

Allright well thats it for now, enjoy your weekend. Oh yeah and watch out for this crazy guy I know named Josiah Bitgood. Hes on a rampage trying to kill me with his Swiss Army Knife.

-Bernard aka. Brando*


September 30, 2004

October 5, 2004

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    October 1, 2004

    you. suscribe. now. bernard. teehee

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    October 1, 2004

    Here Matt, the gay laugh award of the year goes to you. There was no competetion.

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    October 1, 2004

    o my, i didnt try to kill you i tried to murder you totally different, plus i tryed murderring a few ppl so ya i geuss im on a rampage but WHO CARES!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    October 1, 2004

    nice way of saying your close to getting a band bucko.

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    October 1, 2004


    heyy..im at arielss now..and alisha is here too..partayy haha..its funn..the concert shall be good..but i really wish you were comingg :(..but you’ll have fun at zach’s party im sure!..

    but ive gotta go so i will talk to you later!..love youu

    Hannah 😉

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    October 1, 2004

    attacked by ants?? yikesabee… this is a story i want to hear!! 😛

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    October 1, 2004

    Wow you never have a dull day!

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    October 3, 2004

    hannah, hannah, hannah… you see her like 9 hours a day already. Isn’t that enough???

    Don’t worry, just jokes. you guys are so cute.

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    October 4, 2004

    brandon whats up.