November 5, 2004

Hiding from something I dont understand, waiting to be forgotten. The phase of trying to comprehend the meaningless of life extends longer then it should. Watching and waiting, running in circles, thinking of possibilities and what if’s. Trying to sleep but the mind wont let me. Always suspecting and neglecting the possibility of hope. A life lived alone is the path taken by the brilliance of the spotless mind. Avoiding the hell of life is possible only through the closed capture of ones thoughts. To simply dissapear is an answer to the questions being asked. To walk away and never return is a simple solution to the problems that have attached themselves to my heart. The dependence on the unanswered questions is the only thing preventing that inevitable fate which hangs in the back of the mind. The one that reminds me of the betterness of of life spent away from the social culture that I indulge myself in.

Trying to fill my emptyness, discovering there is no solution. Abandoing all thought of reason trying to understand whats really happening. Lost in the tangled web of despair. Running away from the things that I love. The beating of my heart is the only sound that interupts the scilence in my head. No one to talk to or to express the depth of my miserable phase of uncertainty. Dont fight, cant fight it, hiding is the only logical way to solve this problem. The need to escape from the insanity of life itself grows stronger with every thought that passes through endless river of fear inside my head. To wake up is irrelevant to the point, the point that there is no point. To dream the impossible is better then to live the fake. Our nemesis, our rival is simply ourselves. How can we find the answers in this mess? Leave it all, walk away! No dont walk…run! Run until your body passes out from exhaustion. My idenity remains unknown, it remains lost in the empty void that surrounds my thoughts. Debating topics between yourself, no one to speak to but the person staring back at you in the mirror. Leaving once and for all, the chance of change is unlikely. No one will care soon enough, it will be forgotten and molded into a memory that will simply be swept off and carried away into the wind.  The tragic ending to the story of the boy… is beautifully faded.


November 4, 2004

November 9, 2004

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    November 5, 2004

    *clap* *clap* *clap*…

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    November 5, 2004

    ooo brandon… i am always here if you want to talk!!! feel better!!!!

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    November 6, 2004

    Brandon.i love you! feel better soon..and if you ever need to talk then im here too! 🙂

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    November 6, 2004

    woah dude your freakin me out like shakespeare. But if you ever need to “express the depth of your miserable phase of uncertainty” then an almost stranger (me) is ready to listen.

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    November 6, 2004

    The Archer and the Eagle!
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    November 6, 2004

    woah thats deep lol ye like shakespear moriah lol well i hope you feel better! xoxoAshyxoxo

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    November 7, 2004

    Brando…Brando…Brando…Love Ya Lot’s…Thanks for always being there…glad everything is worked out between us…I think!…NO i am not keepin anythin else from you!