the call of the past

I haven’t really been feeling this last week. I’ve been trying to identify what is possibly disrupting the positive momentum that I had been gathering. While I’m still not ready to quit or revert back into former versions of myself, I do feel sabotaged and frustrated with the way that I’ve been feeling. […]

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beautiful sunrise - brandon krogel writing

The Sun is Rising

Adjusting to this sense of calm and peacefulness despite observing the unpredictable storm around me, has been interesting. It’s as if my sense of trust and surrender in the Universe is coming more naturally and without effort. Despite all of the things I see around me that would seek to shake my focus and remove […]

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silhouette of boy watching the sunset - brandon krogel's journal

The End of an Era

The hands of the clock seem to pick up speed as the countdown to the end of what has been and the beginning of something new, approaches. The day has almost arrived. I had known it would come but now that it is nearly upon me, it seems as though it had crept silently in the […]

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The New Shape of Reality

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My dreams lately have been a hurricane of bizarre, scrambled formations of thought, feeling and concepts that my mind and soul desperately seem to be trying to piece-together and reconcile. The result is thought and feeling from the distant past, merging with my current reality while borrowing elements of a future my mind has reached from […]

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