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3 months ago
Words Are Not Enough

Another sad song by yours truly lol.

4 months ago
| Brandon Krogel's Journal of Life

Those sad feels are trying to pull me back into the past. It wasn't long ago that they were easier to resist but now, I can't seem to stop them.

5 months ago
A Haunting Return Home | Brandon Krogel's Journal

It's never what you expect, is it?

Returning to my hometown after nearly two years on the west coast has left me feeling haunted by a strong absence of all I knew.

6 months ago
A Dream Where You Had Never Left | Brandon Krogel's Journal

I awoke to feel both fullness and a longing within my heart.

I vividly dreamt of you last night. Upon awakening, the memory and feeling—right down to the sensation of your touch, was still stimulating my being.

7 months ago
Regrowth After Losing That Which You Loved Most | Brandon Krogel

"While I may never have willingly chosen to endure all that I have in these past few years, there is a shining truth and realization I cannot deny, but rather, choose to ... See more

Coming to terms with loss and allowing yourself to be transformed positively by the pain, acceptance, and resolve it gives you is no easy feat.

1 year ago
Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit (Piano Cover) by Brandon Krogel

The time machine worked! I successfully traveled back to 2004 and became the frontman of #Underoath! 😁😁

This is a cover I've been working on for a little while now. Wanted to try and find a way to take one of my favorite Underoath songs and see if I could mello...