Welcome to my secret lair

brandon krogel at the beach in december 2019

Who is this guy?

Hey, welcome to my website!

My name is Brandon Krogel and I’m just some random dude on the internet making things that most people will never see. This site is where I release things I’ve created like music or videos. I also do a lot of writing but it’s mostly just expressing personal thoughts and feelings. 

I started my blog on Xanga (anyone remember that name?), back in 2004 and I was able to transfer that content over to this site before they shut down for good. So I’ve got almost two decades of blog content here. It’s wild to think how much I’ve grown alongside this blog.

Anyways this website is mostly just a personal space for me to express myself. I never really expect anyone to find this website so if you’ve randomly stumbled here, I hope you enjoy your time on the site. Shoot me a message and let me know you stopped by or leave a comment in the blog.

Happy exploring!


I’ve had this blog since 2004 so be prepared to travel back in time (if you make it that far). I still post here somewhat regularly. If you’re looking for some of my writing outside of blog entires, check out the writing page.

I write and play a lot of different kinds of music. You can check our everything I’ve ever made on the music page.

brandon krogel EP cover

Check out the videos

My video collection is a little random not gonna lie. There’s some music videos, cover songs, completely absurd works of “art” and everything in between. You’ve been warned.