December 14, 2015 in News

New track!

Hey everyone,

So I recorded a new video of my latest song called “Shadows” and threw it on YouTube. It’s a little different then most of my other stuff but I think it turned out okay. Let me know your thoughts! Hope you dig it!

In other news, there really isn’t a whole lot I suppose. I’m hoping to have the time to finally start doing some shows here in Kelowna and network with other musicians. I’ve been away from the local music scene for so long I don’t even know who is around anymore. Work has taken most of my time these last bunch of years, which has made it difficult to get out there but now I’ve gone down to four days a week so fingers crossed I can get out my house more often haha.

September 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Shattered Dreams 1

So I used to doodle when I was a kid and throughout school but pretty much stopped drawing all together as I got older. Then I got this idea to do a web comic series about some poor bastard who is always trying to be optimistic and look on the bright side of things but ultimately ends up getting shot down by his counterpart who dishes out cold, hard truths that demotivate entirely. Somewhat nostalgic of my life. Anyways here’s the first comic I’ve drawn in like 15 years. The artwork could use some improvement. Give it time. I can only go up from here.

Shattered Dreams 1


September 15, 2015 in News

Going Home

It’s been awhile since my last post. Aside from not having much news to share in regards to my music, I was kind of down in the dumps for the spring and summer. A lot of changes have been taking place in that time. Almost too much to wrap my head around.

Perhaps the first and most impactful change was the loss of one of my oldest and closest friends, Justin Stephen this past April. He passed unexpectedly and his absence is felt greatly each and every day. It’s been 5 months, almost half a year now and I still can’t seem to digest what’s happened.

Justin and I grew up together over the years and one of the most fundamental aspects of our friendship was our love and passion for music and film. We spent countless hours over the years daydreaming about our future. Talking about how we were going to be celebrities in music and film and how we were going to live the dream. Haha we had so much spirit back then!

But now it is up to me to carry that dream and move forward with more determination than ever before to see it realized. I have to do this now not just for me but for Justin as well. I can’t give up. Life is too short. That becomes clearer every day. The best way I can honour my dear friend is too see our dreams realized.

I wrote this song shortly after I received the news of Justin’s passing. It’s called ‘Going Home’ and it carries the emotion of my broken heart at the loss of a true companion I did not foresee leaving this earth for still many years to come.